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How to use Visual Studio Code for Flutter - 2023

Introduction Visual Studio code is a customizable  editor that allows for you to tweak things the way you like it. To install vscode go to and following the instructions relevant to your operating system. Install flutter and dart extensions  Go to view -> command palette Type install and select extensions: install extenstions Type flutter in the search field and click install Debugging a flutter app   Image 1 Running a debug app To run your flutter app, click on the debug button (1) from the image 1 above. Click on Run and debug (2) . This will show the device list to run. If a emulator and a device is already connected, it will use that device instead.  Creating a custom run command There are times that you have some parameters to the flutter run command. At those times, custom launch config is the right thing to use.  Click on the debug button (1) image 1, click on create a launch.json file (3). This will create a folder called .vscode with