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On asking good questions as a software developer for beginners

 As a programmer, there are times that you encounter bugs that are either too difficult to track down or fix. At times like that, you look for help somewhere. This can be in stackoverflow or developer groups on discord, slack or anywhere else. How do you phrase your question in order for others to understand the problem and help you resolve it? This is going to be a general technique in question asking that will give you quality answers or at least get the right people to point you in the right direction. Elements of a good question The following are in my opinion what makes a good question What are you trying to do What is the expected output What programming language or tools you are using What have you tried What errors did you receive if any (with stack trace) Minimal code to assist reproduce or debug (Well formatted or via a code snippet site) Helpful screenshot of UI if it's about a UI issue (eg trying to replicate